Welcome to our website. We hope you enjoy your stay. We’re excited to offer water kefir and milk kefir! Water kefir a healthy fermented sugar-water beverage and milk kefir an effervescent, probiotic-enriched beverage.


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Update 11/01/2014



At this time we recommend not placing an order for our water kefir grains through Amazon.com. Amazon has allowed merchants we are unaffiliated with to edit certain aspects of our water kefir listings resulting in confusion. Our product pictures and product descriptions have been changed multiple times without our permission. We are unable to revert them back to the proper way they were when originally created by us. Truthfully speaking, Amazon has not helped us since we began sharing our water kefir grains and have repeatedly ignored our requests for help to fix these errors. We recommend ordering directly off of our website for the safest experience.


Please be cautious when ordering on Amazon.com as there are merchants we are unaffiliated with selling on our three product listings and, unfortunately, you will not receive our water kefir grains. We will have no record of your order if you did not place one directly with us. When checking out on Amazon, our trademark-protected store name is Keysands and our logo is the yellow and orange sun which says our name across it. Please contact Amazon directly for a refund if you did not receive our water kefir grains. 

Happy fermenting!


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