Welcome to our website. We hope you enjoy your stay. We’re excited to offer water kefir and milk kefir! Water kefir a healthy fermented sugar-water beverage and milk kefir an effervescent, probiotic-enriched beverage.

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An urgent but friendly heads up!

Please be cautious when ordering on Amazon.com as there are merchants we are unaffiliated with selling on our three product listings and, unfortunately, you will not receive our water kefir grains. We will have no record of your order if you did not place one directly with us. We receive many questions related to this, and we are looking at what options can be taken to amend the situation until the appropriate legal action can be taken in order to protect our customers and the reputation we’ve dedicated our lives to build. When checking out on Amazon, our trademark-protected store name is Keysands and our logo is the yellow and orange sun which says our name across it. Please contact Amazon directly for a refund if you did not receive our water kefir grains. We recommend ordering directly off of our website for the safest experience. Thank you for your kind and continued support.

Happy fermenting!


Update 2/20/2014

There is a merchant who goes by the name of The Atlantis Group on Amazon.com who has been charging double, triple, even quadruple our normal retail price on the listing for our water kefir grains. This merchant, who you have purchased from, proceeds to purchase water kefir grains directly from us at our low price on eBay.com and provides us with your Amazon address from your Amazon purchase so it appears you ordered from us when you receive your package. It couldn’t be more obvious this merchant has devised a scheme of some sort in order to make unnecessary and unethical amounts of money off of you and your order. Again, we have no way of tracking your order unless it is placed directly with us so we advise you to remain cautious especially when ordering through Amazon.

We are in no way affiliated with this merchant and were unaware these deceptive practices were taking place. We have taken necessary measures to ensure this does not happen again.  A customer has contacted us here on our website who originally ordered from this merchant on Amazon but received our product and packaging shipped from eBay. Upon further inspection we found the customer’s name and address on an order from eBay purchased using an eBay account unaffiliated with the actual Amazon customer.


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