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 by Yanni Pedersen

I can't believe it worked!! I tried water kefir before and I just couldn't get them to grow.
When I ordered this time from Keysands, I guess I had low expectations so I'm literally dancing in my kitchen now! I LOVE the Ginger Beer that I've made this time. The kefir grains behaved exactly like your directions said that they would. They took one day to "wake up" and they've been active and brewing every since!
Technically this is my second batch with the Keysands product since my father absconded with the entire first quart! That's okay though....I was happy that he loved it too!

Fun & delicious!

 by Kim

It took a bit for my water kefir to establish but the grains have multiplied and I've made a few batches of really good kefir. I added black cherry juice to a few bottles and yesterday I added some (failed) grape jelly. They both carbonated--the grape moreso than the cherry.

Thanks for such a great product--it's good to know you're a local business :)

Helping kefir recover from refrigeration, accidentally

 by Patrick

Determined to succeed, I returned to the net, after looking disgustingly at a quart of molasses tainted sugar water. What was I doing wrong? Then I saw somebody say that kefir would need to recover sometimes after being refrigerated. "Ok, pal but three had better be the charm." The last batch was cheap, purified with minerals added, a tall can of coconut milk, the cheap stuff in the Mexican isle, the sugar, dissolved, a pinch sea salt and Arm &Hammer, and my kefir. The little guys were now fully ready to recover but chilly and anemic looking.
Came in for refreshment after yard work, today and remembered I had the first quart of what I knew was fab. I had brewed for two, fermented for three without fruit and refrigerated for one. What a great sensation on a hot day. One question though, what do I do with all these babies I've grown? Thank you.

Amazing Service & Fabulous Grains!

 by Jennifer H.

I'm a total newbie when it comes to tibicos - but I have got to say that your company make this entire process a complete breeze! When the smell of my new grains freaked me out, you supplied me with a replacement batch that are now working wonderfully!! I love it, and so do my kids! Thanks so much for all your help!

More than Satisfied with my Purchase

 by Barbara L.

Keysands Family:

I had to email you once again. I purchased 1/4 cup grains early July. ( still had grains I had purchased from someone else.) Followed your directions and added 1/8 teaspoon baking soda. I just started a batch today, and when I poured yours off, I couldn't believe the amount of grains I had. I now have 1 1/2 cup of grains (I measured them)

The grains I purchase from another dealer were more in volume when I purchased yours, now your is far greater in volume than my first purchase. And I only put the baking soda in once. I measured my first batch and today it still measures 1/2 cup, so I added 1/8 teaspoon baking soda into it to see what happens.

I'm more than satisfied with my purchase, and thanks again.

Thank You!

 by Michael C.

I received dehydrated water kefir grains from you a couple of weeks
ago and would like to thank you! After the order, I noticed that you
had given a refund (I think $3) since I had paid too much for the
delivery to Sweden. Even if it is not a big amount of money I
appreciated it - it is not often you see that kind of honesty these
I can report that the grains are doing very well here. The first time,
I just added freshly pressed apple juice (apples from the garden where
we live) and some sugar and it turned out to be a delicious drink! I
have also tried grapes and lemon - very good too. Next time, I think
I'm going to try apples and ginger, it will be interesting to see how
it turns out!
Thank you again.

Thank You

 by Kevin

Live active grains. Doubled in only 4 days!

They nearly doubled in one batch!

 by Jan T.

I am so pleased with the kefir grains I ordered from you! They nearly
doubled in one batch! As a comparison, I am "babysitting" a friend's
water kefir, and hers has not reproduced at ALL in the two weeks I've
had it. Her grains look opaque white, are smaller and produce a
milkier liquid. I'm considering replacing hers with my new kefir and
letting her wonder why it's suddenly doing so well! Thank you for a
wonderful healthy batch of kefir grains.


 by Marion S.

I put my grains into a mix of water and maple syrup and left them for 4 days and this morning my 1/4 cup had grown to 3/4 cup and the kefir water was delicious. So pleased to be able to make my own water kefir.

Highly recommend!

 by Judy

I am new to Kefir water and had done a lot of research on the what, why & hows of Kefir water. After much research & customer reviews, I chose Keysands to be my kefir retailer. The order was placed and delivered in a few days with no issues at all. They are doing all they are supposed to do. By my 4th batch I pulled out an additional 2 tablespoons of kefir! Highly recommend this seller."

Keysands™ , USA 5.0 5.0 18 18 I can't believe it worked!! I tried water kefir before and I just couldn't get them to grow. When I ordered this time from Keysands, I guess I had low expectations so I'm litera

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